Hotel in Antigua Guatemala

My husband and I both have family living in Guatemala so we usually don’t have to stay at hotels but since Antigua is a bit far we had to look for a hotel.  We were in Antigua, Guatemala for a wedding at Casa Santo Domingo. The block of rooms was sold out, but we were able to find occupancy an a nearby hotel called San Rafael Hotel Antigua

The hotel is a colonial style newly restored hotel that only has 7 rooms.  The rooms are all located in the hotel courtyard and are surrounded by beautiful plants and water fountains.The hotel is located two blocks away from Antigua Guatemala Central Park. The rooms came included with a breakfast for two and each hotel room had a small outdoor dining area.

The entrance to the hotel had a gate that was opened by one of the receptionists. The staff was really friendly they helped us carry our luggage to our rooms and greeted us with a welcome cocktail. The room was absolutely breathtaking. The bathrooms featured a large rainfall shower.  The room also had a beautiful fireplace that can be lit by request at night.  I highly recommend this hotel.

We met with the owner of the hotel and he took us to his house which is located in the hotel as well. He took us on the roof of his home and we got to enjoy the spectacular view. We could see the Water Volcano and the famous Antigua Arch!

See below for the video of how amazing it was.


For a full hotel room tour watch my video by clicking  here—-> youtube

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