Our First Puppy (The Adoption Story)

Bub and I have lived in our house for almost a month now. We have always wanted to get a dog and it was something we always thought about when thinking of getting our own place. We started looking into buying a puppy from a local breeder and we had our heart set on getting a golden doodle puppy. After reading the horror stories about puppy breeders and puppy mills, we decided to look into local animal rescues and animal shelters.  We found an animal rescue called Lucky Dog and we both knew immediately that this would be the perfect place to get our first dog.

Lucky Dog rescues cats and dogs from high kill animal shelters from Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Puerto Rico. In fact they partnered up with Southwest Airlines and flew 60 dogs and cats from Puerto Rico for pets who survived Hurricane Maria and every single dog on that flight was adopted! Which is amazing.

Bub and I decided to fill out an application, this was the first step for the entire application process. After we submitted an application we were contacted by an adoption coordinator who conducted an initial screening. The screening is set up to speak about the importance of neutering and spaying, good quality dog foods, and to discuss your work schedule and how having a dog will affect scheduling. After the screening they will contact a home visit volunteer who comes to your house and they help you identify any risks or any items to monitor when your new pet comes home, if you rent they will also conduct a landlord check. The last step is to get your approval status, which means you could attend one of the weekly adoption events and adopt a furry friend. (There is an additional screening for puppies) in which you have to show proof that the dog won’t be alone for more than 3-4 hours a day.

If you are interested in a specific dog prior to the adoption event, you can contact your adoption coordinator and he/she will reach out to the dog’s foster and put your name down as priority for the first 30 minutes of the event. When you get to the event you are able to spend time with the dog and from there you can make your final decision.

For Bub and I it took about 10 days to get all these steps done. We checked the adoption website, which is updated daily.  There was an adoption event going on the day after we got approved so we decided to check the website first and see if we were interested in one of the dogs that would be at the event. As we were scrolling down the list of adoptable dogs, we both immediately fell in love with a puppy named Bohdi!


When we saw Bohdi in person we knew he was the one. We decided to adopt him that day…

Check out my next post on our puppy’s name change

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